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Our Purpose

To enrich our client's business operations
through no-excuses service and measurable results.



Our Vision

To be the most innovative & sustainable
print communications provider in Canada.



The Story of IMPACTICA


Two Dreamers: Realizing the Niche

The vision for Impactica began fifteen years ago when huddled around a camp stove, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Canadian Rockies, two brothers would dream. Inspired, they would imagine ways of transforming the print industry; their imaginations took them as far as their feet traveled in these wild spaces.

Growing up around a small family owned printing business in Edmonton, Alberta, Derek and Chad began learning about print production twenty-five years ago. This was when every print order was custom built from the ground up. As Derek explains, “At that time, print was sold as a service, not a product.” Traditionally, this service involved a salesperson, a lengthy quoting process, and a period during which the customer was kept in the dark until the final product was delivered. It was neither efficient nor customer-focused.

“We wanted to create a user-friendly platform that empowered the customer. Whether they are a large multi-million dollar company or an individual who is just starting out.”

The two brothers knew they needed to eliminate uncertainty from the print buying process. “I deal with customers every single day and I’ve found customers often don’t know what they want,” Chad says. But by having a wide selection of products at their fingertips, customers could browse at their convenience, and choose products based on their needs and budgets.

Finding Their Strength: Customization & Customer Empowerment

The years leading up to the launching Impactica were not without challenges. Pressed by harder times in the economy and in their company, Derek and Chad were forced to get creative. Innovating a new business model while operating a traditional print company was akin to trying to build a bike while riding it.

Ultimately, they realized the importance of equipping the customer with tools and knowledge to make informed purchases, rather than relying on salespeople who lacked knowledge and passion. Over the years, the brothers also learned that one of their strengths was customization. They became experts at matching production processes with the needs of customers.

“Our goal was to put the power in the buyer’s hands. Answer all of their questions up front and give them the tools, knowledge, and choice to make an informed purchase.”

Knowing they needed to dedicate more to Impactica, they hired a web designer. What initially began as a 1-year contract extended to become a permanent position. During the developmental years, the dream became bigger. “I see so much more potential than it first had. I realize it’s not easy to execute what we did,” Derek explains. “We have invested our lives, our time, and our beliefs into this business and we are excited to share our vision with the world.”

The Vision & Moving Forward

Impactica is more than an online business. Print is a form of communication, one that is about making an impact. Every company is capable of making an impact. Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or a local grassroots company, your vision is important to Impactica. It’s our mission to communicate your vision.

Impactica offers an extensive selection of products with upfront pricing. Chad sums up the initial vision he and Derek had many years ago, surrounded by the vast wilderness.

“We want people to be informed, feel good about the decisions they make, and know that Impactica will deliver more than just exceptional print products.”

Innovative, futuristic, and forward thinking, Impactica continues to create the most simplified and seamless customer experience. Impactica is dedicated to helping you make your statement, your mark – your impact on the world.



Our business is rooted in 4 simple concepts.

Our customer experience is frictionless.  We will equip you with all the tools and knowledge needed to make an informed purchase so you can quickly get back to operating your business.

Our product line is extensive.  We have all the print products you need to help grow your business. We are a one-stop-shop.

Our prices are upfront so you can find the cost and easily compare your options without having to wait for a quote or call around.

Our work is guaranteed. Sometimes mistakes happen - and when they do, we're here to make it right.




We're a growing team of down-to-earth print experts,
dedicated to helping companies like yours grow.